Our Mission

Our Mission is to prepare Millennial Generation women for the workforce by responding to employer demand in the areas of inter-personal communication skills and self-reliance capabilities.  Living Vicky provides unique, career-oriented workshops for Metro DC area women based on the best aspects of this generation: Vision, Integrity, Caring, Knowledge and Youthful Energy! 

Travelers Program

Living Vicky has completed it's first 8 week pilot program which empowered young women through soft skills mentoring.  Click to learn more about how it went, here

Building Generational Bridges Program

To build cross-generational bridges in business, and to fund the Travelers program, we offer reasonably priced workshops to individuals, companies, and university organizations.  Our focus is on integration of the Millennial workforce -- the generation born approximately between the early 1980s and early 2000.  Living Vicky:

  • Provides tools employers need to to utilize the full potential their Millennial staff
  • Prepares Millennial employees for the realistic challenges and expectations of the working world

Learn more about Building Generational Bridges here

Challenges Young Women Face

Nearly half of all Americans aged 18–29 earn under the poverty line. College graduates have more debt than ever. The recession hit Millennials the hardest, who report losing more jobs than any other generation because of the economic downturn.

It's worse for young women. The gap between men and women with full-time employment is largest at this age, and those women who are employed are earning less than their male counterparts.

Unfortunately, human resources professionals perceive Millennials as entitled and unprofessional, the public generally believes that Millennials have poorer work ethics than their older peers. 







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