Welcome to Living Vicky!

V.I.C.K.Y. - Vision Integrity Caring Knowledge Youthful energyLiving Vicky is a non-profit that provides online and in-person focused mentoring that prepares young women transitioning from high school to whatever comes next.

Our curriculum includes a variety of practical life courses designed to build self-confidence and critical thinking skills, using free travel to incentivize active participation. To ensure mastery of essential skills, instruction uses a student-centered, collaborative style, with frequent feedback and opportunities for improvement, perfectly suited for Millennial participants.

Living Vicky’s Pilot Program will include 20-30 young women aged 18 – 20, from the DC metro area. At the end of the three-month pilot, participants who have successfully completed their initial courses, earn an excursion to New York City.

Challenges Facing Today’s Young Woman

Nearly half of all Americans aged 18–29 earn under the poverty line. College graduates have more debt than ever. The recession hit Millennials the hardest, who report losing more jobs than any other generation because of the economic downturn.

And it’s only worse for young women. The gap between men and women with full-time employment is largest at this age, and those women who are employed are earning less than their male counterparts.

Furthermore, Millennials face negative stereotypes that further hinder their advancement. Human resources professionals perceive Millennials as entitled and unprofessional. The public generally believes that Millennials have poorer work ethic and moral values than their older peers. Employers commonly complain that prospective hires lack “soft skills.”

Building Generational Bridges

Research has shown that women who have mentors are much more likely to find managerial positions. Living Vicky matches program participants with mentors to help with their development and to overcome the disadvantages they face. Women who have been mentored are also more likely to become mentors in turn, ensuring Living Vicky’s long-term sustainability.

Since employers are demanding soft skills, Living Vicky’s programming focuses heavily on areas like interpersonal communication, professional conduct, ethics, teamwork, leadership and more. These skills help participants set themselves apart in their job search, overcoming any negative preconceptions they encounter.