Living Vicky's Donors


Living Vicky would like to thank the following donors:

Consul (gifts of $1,000 or more)

Booz Allen Hamilton
Bret Berry

Jonathan Engman
Reliance Medical Corporation


Ambassador (gifts between $500 - $999)

Kathryn Wallace-Clare
Mike Garcia

Kevin Russell


Attache (gifts between $250 - $499)

Kedra Simm
Mendenhall Properties
Sonya Krolik

Marian Hopkins
Michelle Pillon


Envoy (gifts between $100 - $249)

AEM Corporation
Amanda Eager
Anne Dibenedetto
Arlington Business and Civic Circle
Beverly Allen
Cynthia Lundstrom
Dawn Wilson Home Sales 
Freddie Mac Foundation 
John Capotosto

Judy Manhan
Lawrence and Stephanie Berry
Lisa Schneiderman
Michael Leniz
Michael Matyas
Murali Kulathungam
Nada Noaman
Nicole Carter
Susan Mudry


Emissary (Up to $99 gifts)

Adam Hand
Amazon Smile Foundation
Bruce Sherman
Carolynn Dudley
Cathy Lee Cawley
Christina Falck
Daniella Urrutia
David Remick
Dawn and Whitney Wilson
Dawn Jakutowicz
Don Marzullo
Evan Davies
German Vanegas
Jacolyn Moreau
Jonathan Berke
Joshua Steiner
Kay Zimmer
Lisa McCurdy
Lynn Addington

Margo Ray
Michael Bastach
Michael Estock
Michael Garcia
Michael Haney
Ray Kulkuski
Sadaf Dilshad
Sheila Hrdlicka
Shelley Goode
Stacy Yike
Sue Bell
Susan Anderson
Tonya Richardson
Valerie Brown
Veranda Lane
Whitney Richardson
William Callahan


Executive Board Contributors

Jennifer Galloway

Roy Wallace
Sheila Berry


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